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Help Monetize your blog was launched on 1st January 2020, with the aim of helping ambitious go-getters like you, achieve monetary success with a blog. 

Is that so? You may ask. 

Let me first start by telling you, 2020 is the year many realized the importance of having an online skill that would help them earn money in the comfort of their homes.

The economy all over the world was unpredictable with people uncertain about the direction their jobs would take. Business people with brick and mortar shops realized a dip in profits; employers couldn’t keep up paying salaries because money was not coming in. Corona virus pandemic didn’t care about the bills.

As humanity stayed indoors to stop the spread of the virus, many had access to the internet and were hungry for information on how to be more financially savvy.

This period exposed some economic truths, key of them: You can work from home and earn a passive income. You can work on your job full-time and build your online fortune part-time.

I know too well the power of starting a blog for an online business.

As you start a profitable blog, key things may arise.

What will your niche be? Health? Blogging? Pet care? Parenting? If you want to make money with your blog you have to establish a niche. A profitable niche. This way your readers can trust you as an authority in the subject they are interested in.

You will need a host and domain. To start a profitable blog that will make you money, you also have to know how to get free traffic to your blog. I mean, duuh! people have to read your content. Many bloggers swear by Pinterest when it comes to gaining blog traffic. The best tool to help you gain more pageviews from  Pinterest is Tailwind App.

Before publishing your first post though, you need to install WordPress correctly, otherwise, your blog will be a total disaster.

One thing I have realized in my blogging journey is the need for productive planning. As a new blogger, you can easily get a writers block and run out of content. This guide here gives you action steps you can take in your first month blogging.

You will also realize your new blog cannot be found on Google so far. You have to submit your new site to Google if you want it indexed. 

A mistake you’d want to avoid as a new blogger is writing blog posts for your eyes alone. What do I mean? People want to visit your blog and get a solution to their problems. 

Unless you are Obama, don’t expect random people to search your blog for the kind of milkshake you drank in the morning. This is where my post on how to make your blog posts SEO friendly comes in. You can be creative with your blog posts but without reinventing the wheel.

One way you can make money with your blog is through affiliate marketing. But must you have a blog to do affiliate marketing? Absolutely no. You can become an affiliate marketer without a blog and still succeed.

What services does HMYB offer?

Great question. 

Perhaps you have just started a blog but still have a full-time job. Where do you get the time to regularly add content to your blog? Ideally, a week should never pass without a new blog post published. I am here to help you create blog posts optimized for search engines. So contact me for that here.

Another service I offer is setting up WordPress for  beginners correctly. Trust me. You don’t want to have a disaster for a blog before you even start. If you feel you will need this kind of help, contact me here. 

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