How to style a midi skirt and look effortlessly chic


Midi skirts can be worn by anyone. But they are perfect for moms who would like to save time dressing up.
how to wear a midi skirt without looking frumpy

This post caters to those who’d like to know how to style a midi skirt without looking frumpy.

Skirts. They go high or low, depending on the time of the year we’re at. And! There are many types– minis, maxis, A-lines, wraps, high-waists, gathereds, just to mention a few. Whatever type of skirt you choose to wear, consider the occasion, your body type, and the fabric. 

For the record, a midi skirt is one whose hem rests halfway, between your knees and ankle.

how to wear a midi skirt without looking frumpy

Ever looked at a midi skirt and thought ‘This would be great for grandma’? I know I have. So you are forgiven.

I especially thought A-line midi skirts are meant for a much older demographic, but now, they are my go-tos.

For some strange reason, I had stocked them up in my wardrobe but didn’t know how to style them. It took pregnancy to show these versatiles some love– I mean, I ended up needing more room for my growing belly and just couldn’t see myself breaking my bank for the expensive maternity wear I saw around. Now, I’m a mom and saving time is of essence.

Midi skirts help me save time or my toddler will break the TV. 

I love midi skirts for their versatility– summer or winter; chilled afternoon or 9-5; they serve, timelessly.

So, mom, when wearing a midi skirt, ask these main questions:

What’s the occasion? 

Is it work, a wedding or a weekend brunch? Occasion really matters when it comes to fashion.

How to style your midi skirt for the office

The best midi skirts for work are A-line, pencil, high-waist, straight, peplum or cowl.

If you’re lost on which midi skirt to wear to your 9-5, consider your body type. Is it tall or petite? Slender or plus-size?

For starters, midi skirts to the office will win when paired with kitten heels. Let the waist line sit perfectly on a tucked in top or blouse in order to accentuate your body frame. If you are going to pair your midi skirt with an official jacket, wear a long coat that completely covers the skirt, or a waist-long coat, for a more official look. During winter, spruce up your A-line midi skirt look with a pair of sheer black stockings. For shoes, wear neutral, closed kitten heels

How to style a midi skirt for a casual look

Think floral or brightly coloured midi skirts. Oh, can be sheer as well.

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For a more ‘relaxed chic’ vibe, pair your skirt with either sneakers, moccasins or strappy sandals. Heard of espadrille wedges? These exude charm; are super comfortable and can upgrade a plain midi skirt to 100 real quick. Espadrille wedges allow you the comfort of being chic while casual. So if you aren’t into flat shoes and prefer high heels, consider espadrille wedges for that midi skirt you want to rock to brunch.

A tip to note is, wearing your midi skirt with ankle strapped shoes will only serve to divide your leg into two halves. Be cautious about this. 

Drape a boyfriend jacket, denim jacket or a leather  jacket over a crop top or a loose linen blouse when wearing your sheer midi skirt to brunch.

What’s the weather like?

Is it too cold or too hot? 

How to wear a midi skirt during winter

Your intention, when styling your midi skirt for winter, shouldn’t be to adapt to it. Let the winter season adapt to you while you keep warm.

And yes, leathers, velvets, suede, wool and tweed are the go-tos for winter, but, you can wear floral midi skirts and sheer midi skirts.

If you are going to wear an A-line midi skirt, how about pairing it with a heavy-knitted turtleneck sweater? The sweater can end right at the waist or can be tucked in to highlight your waist.

If you are going to wear a metallic pleated midi skirt, pair it with a black or brown leather jacket. Oh, don’t forget the shoes. You can wear knee-high boots, ankle books or your usual pair of stilettos. Remember you need warmth– so wear your black stockings if you have to.

How to wear a midi skirt during summer

Midi skirts are so easy to wear during summer.

Whether you want to wear florals or coloured midi skirts; whether neutral coloured midi skirts; the trick is in the top, shoes and accessories you pair it with. So, say you want to wear a midi skirt with black and white stripes. How about pairing it with bold coloured crop top? 

Bold colours like yellow or royal blue go well with black and white stripes, innit?

Or you can wear a pink linen midi skirt with a plain white tucked in t-shirt. Let’s talk about the shoes. Strappy sandals, sneakers or espadrilles are perfect for a summer weekend shopping or lunch. 

Well, that’s it. What more midi skirt tips would you like to share with the world? Let us hear in the comments section. 

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