How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic


Pinterest wants bloggers to pin at least 30-50 times per day, BUT it understands it can be quite tedious to upload pins manually. This is why it partnered with Tailwind to allow pinners to schedule and pin as many pins as they want to without straining, because, let’s face it: Pinterest loves new content and rewards those who are consistent with pinning.
Pinterest wants bloggers to pin at least 30-50 times per day, BUT it understands it can be quite tedious to upload pins manually. This is why it partnered with Tailwind to allow pinners to schedule and pin as many pins as they want to without straining, because, let’s face it: Pinterest loves new content and rewards those who are consistent with pinning.
Discover how to use Tailwind App so as to gain more traffic to your blog.

Yes. There is this powerful tool called Tailwind App that can help you generate traffic to your blog. Heard of it?

If you have already started a blog and published a few posts, your main challenge must be getting eyeballs rolling on your content. You are maybe feeling a bit demoralized to see ZERO when you check your real time numbers on Google Analytics. Demoralized is even an understatement guys, I have been there. It is soul-crushing. But you know what? Do not crush just yet! The best thing to do is follow what everyone else in the game is doing. Do not re-invent the wheel.

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So why are bloggers talking about Tailwind App? What is Tailwind App?

Tailwind is usually used in the same sentence as Pinterest and Instagram. I personally use it for Pinterest and that’s what we shall focus on in this post.

Tailwind is an automated scheduling tool that allows bloggers to pin on Pinterest as many times as the platform (Pinterest) requires.

Pinterest wants bloggers to pin at least 30-50 times per day, BUT it understands it can be quite tedious to upload pins manually. This is why it partnered with Tailwind to allow pinners to schedule and pin as many pins as they want to without straining, because, let’s face it: Pinterest loves new content and rewards those who are consistent with pinning.

It is hard to be consistent on Pinterest if you’re only pinning manually.

With Tailwind, all you have to do is allocate 2 hours on any specific day you will create and automatically schedule pins. There are those who schedule pins weekly and those who do so monthly. I prefer to set mine monthly and let Tailwind do the publishing for me.

What I like about Tailwind is it optimizes the best possible times for your scheduled pins. Like, if your target audience is US, it allocates your pins the best times they can be viewed in that country. Mind-blowing! More of that later.

If you want to drive more traffic to your blog from Pinterest, the best option would be using Tailwind App. Tailwind is a powerful scheduler that allows bloggers to pin upto 30 pins per day. Use Tailwind to gain more pageviews.

Can a beginner use the Tailwind App?

The term ‘beginner’ is relative. There are beginners with 30 published posts. There are beginners with 5 published posts. Obviously the one with 30 posts is far much ahead than the one with 5 posts, and is comfortable creating fresh content for Pinterest using Tailwind. If you have 5 posts, I would suggest you use Pinterest manually for starters, and aim to publish at least 2 blog posts per week.

How do you upload pins onto Pinterest manually?

I assume by now you have created a Pinterest business account; completed your profile with keywords and created boards relevant to your niche. To upload pins manually, click on the red plus sign to upload your pin and include pin title and description. Make sure to select the board you’d like your pin on before hitting publish.

Why you should use Tailwind App to pin on Pinterest?

Hey, Tailwind is for you if:

  1. You don’t have enough time to pin consistently throughout the day.
  2. You would like to increase pageviews to your blog.
  3. You want to target a location.
  4. You want to build an online community around your niche.
  5. You have too many social media platforms to post on.

It’s one thing to use Tailwind App and it’s another to use it correctly for good results and to avoid getting your account blocked by Pinterest.

This brings us to the next segment:

How to use Tailwind to gain more blog traffic from Pinterest

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: The Sign Up

What I like about Tailwind is you can sign up for free then upgrade later. The free option will allow you to pin up to 100 pins on your first month. 100 FREE PINS! That’s worth it. Also, with the free sign up, you will get a chance to post 30 pins onto a maximum of 5 tribes.

I’m getting ahead of myself!

To sign up, follow this link and click on ‘Sign up with Pinterest’. Make sure you use the email address and password you used to create your Pinterest account.

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: Set up smart schedule

To set up smart schedule, look for the menu on the left of the dashboard then click on PUBLISHER>>YOUR SCHEDULE. You will see a page that looks like this.

Smart schedule gives you the flexibility to choose when and how often you would like to pin.

To use this effectively, first ensure that you edit your timezone according to your target location. Next, click on General Queue in order to tell Tailwind how many times you would like to pin per day. With this data, Tailwind will give you the best possible times your pins will be viewed.

Say you are a blogger in India and your target audience is US. You can edit your Tailwind timezone to America/New York. That way, when you are asleep, Tailwind can publish your pins at the times when those in the States are awake.

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: Create Board Lists

Board lists allow you to leverage the power of Tailwind by pinning to many pre-created boards with one click. By pre-created boards I mean those you have created on your Pinterest account. To create board lists on Tailwind, click on PUBLISHER>>BOARD LIST. Then click on the PLUS ICON you will see on the screen to create board lists.

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: Install Tailwind Extension on your Browser

When you install Tailwind browser extension, it will be easy to schedule pins from any websites you visit. Tailwind extensions are supported on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Doesn’t support Opera or Internet Explorer or Edge.

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: Create Drafts to Pin Later.

Before I learnt this little tip from Eb Garbano of Productive Blogging, I used to schedule pins one by one. It was so time-consuming. When you create drafts on Tailwind, you reduce the effort significantly.

To create a draft, visit any website you would like to pin from—it could be your blog or Pinterest. Hover over to the image you would like to schedule and click on the SCHEDULE button at the bottom left of it. A window will pop up prompting you to do the scheduling but I recommend you ignore the prompt, as it’ll have already gone to your main Tailwind interface as a draft. Click the schedule button on as many images as you would like then head over to your Tailwind dashboard where you would like to do the scheduling.

You can also create drafts while on your Tailwind interface by clicking on PUBLISHER>>DRAFTS>>UPLOAD IMAGES. You can upload in bulk by dragging and dropping the images or by pressing CTRL as you select the images you would like.

How to use Tailwind App to gain blog traffic: Schedule your pins

At this point, go back to your Tailwind dashboard and click on PUBLISHER>>DRAFTS. You will see all the images you pre-scheduled in step 5. Go to the first pin and add the boards on to which you would like the pins to be published. Next add a pin title and description, having in mind the keywords relevant to your content. Next, edit the url link, making sure it leads to the page relevant to the content on your pin. This is super important.

Next, you can choose to ADD TO TRIBE or ADD TO SMARTLOOP. More of this later.

Finally, you can set time intervals to space out the frequency of which similar pins will be posted to different boards. 4 days interval is fine. Then ADD TO QUEUE!

Follow these steps for the other pins.

How to use Tailwind to gain blog traffic: Pin other pins besides yours.

The same way you like people saving your pins is the same way others would. When you pin other people’s pins, it means you will never have a day with an empty queue. This is especially so if you are a beginner with less pages on your blog. To pin other people’s pins using Tailwind, use the same process you would when pinning yours. You can schedule draft pins from Pinterest or schedule them from other people’s blogs.

How to use Tailwind to gain blog traffic: Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are communities made of bloggers in similar niches. They are kind of Pinterest Groups but now on Tailwind. Many Tribes require members to re-pin 1 for every personal pin they upload. So if you pin 2 of your pins to one tribe, make sure you pin 2 pins created by other members—all depends on a tribe’s rules.

How to use Tailwind to gain blog traffic: Smartloop your pins

Pinterest will block your account if you keep sharing the same pin to the same board over and over again in short intervals.  There are seasons of the year certain topics get more traffic just as there are topics that are evergreen, meaning, people never stop looking for them. Here is the thing: Purpose to re-pin the same pin on to the same board once every 3 months.

But who has the time to remember to re-pin a pin from 3 or 9 months ago? Life gets in the way, right?

This is where Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature comes in. You see that pin you are about to schedule just now? SmartLoop will allow you to schedule it for 3 or 6 months from now. How? By giving you the flexibility of creating an EVERGREEN LOOP for the content you think will be useful throughout the year and by creating a SEASONAL LOOP for the content you think will be helpful for a specific season—For instance, a topic like, ‘How to make Money fast before Christmas’ would be perfect for the duration of October 1st to December 24th.

How to use Tailwind to gain blog traffic: Analyse your Tailwind Insights

You tailwind insights will give you a record of how your pins are performing; how many followers you are gaining per week and how much activity is happening on your blog from other pinners. Use this information to see what you can improve.

Here is what I’ve learnt will Increase Blog Pageviews when you use Tailwind App correctly.

Now that you have a rough idea of some of Tailwind App features, it will be easier to create pins that’ll get more traffic to your blog.


To make your work easier, create drafts as you go during the week. If you are not commenting on other bloggers’ content or responding to queries on your Facebook page, at least create some drafts. If you’re chilling with your dog you could use your phone to create drafts from Pinterest or Canva, for instance.

Then, select a specific day of the week you will be scheduling the drafted pins.

On that specific day, schedule images for at least 12 of your blog posts. Also, schedule images from at least 11 of other bloggers’ posts or Pinterest accounts. This will bring your pins to a total of 23.

Next publish the 23 pins to at least 10 different boards.

Finally, click on ‘Shuffle’ in order to shuffle your pins. 23 pins to 10 boards is a total of 230 pins. When you divide that by 7, you’ll realize you will automatically be pinning 33 pins per day. Now tell me. Do you think you will have managed to manually pin 33 pins daily? You be the judge.

To conclude:

  • To find favour with Pinterest, create new content consistently, but don’t be spammy.
  • To reduce the work load, first, create as many drafts as you would like instead of scheduling one pin at a time.
  • To succeed with Tailwind tribes, follow the rules. Re-pin other members’ pins as well.
  • Never publish the same pin on the same board over and over again. Your Pinterest account will get blocked.

What more Tailwind tips would you like to share? Let me hear in the comments section.


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