Nicheless Blogging: Go for It


Honestly, if people love your content, they will do the marketing for you.

I know I said in this post it’s important to have a niche for your blog. But what I have realized in my 5 months of blogging is: You can do nicheless blogging. In fact, as I type this, I regret my domain name. It is toooo niched IMO.

I chose to blog about blogging and right now I feel contentless. Probably because I am not an expert in all things web design or SEO. I mean, I have knowledge in these topics, but not like Brian Dean or Neil Patel. Blogging niche is too competitive and I feel replaceable already. 

When I talked about finding a niche for your blog, I mentioned how important it is to find a niche you will be passionate in 5 years down the line.

Nicheless blogging is possible. How to start a blog without a niche

I broke that rule.

Blogging about blogging has got me so jaded — part of the reason I want to change my domain name to accommodate all sorts of niches. Be it fashion, pregnancy, health, interior design or parenting! If you are going to go nicheless with your blog, make it work for you.

Also, Pinterest doesn’t quite favour the bloggers in the blogging niche. Boy! I created so MANY pins but got 1 or 0 impressions. 2000 Impressions at most, but that’s because I shared the pin on Facebook for other bloggers to pin it.

So disheartening. I figured, since Pinterest is highly visual, it is perfect for bloggers in the diy/crafts, fashion, food, self-care and baby niches. Just to mention a few.

Bloggers in the blogging niche have to compete with big names in the industry. Unless you are a total expert, you stand no chance against Brian Dean of backlinko or Neil Patel of NEILPATEL. 

If I sound like a pessimist it’s because I want to be honest with myself. I realize I have kept my blog from friends and family. That’s a red flag. If you can’t share your blog with your closest people then it means you are embarrassed about your niche.

See, I quit my job to take care of my baby and in the process decided to start a blog. The friends with whom I shared my blogging blog told me it would make sense to them if I started a parenting blog or a fashion blog or a niche they would be happy to follow. One stated LOVINGLY: I thought you were going to show me a blog in the parenting niche. Not one on getting hits! That hurt because it came from someone I really admire.  

Here is what I think blogging really is: If you can tell a story you can definitely write it. If you have a fitness story, a parenting story or even a fashion story, write it in a blog. If you blog about something you have experienced, the passion will be felt by your readers.

Think about it this way.

Two stories appear on your Facebook feed. One is on How to Start a Blog; the other, Open Letter to My Husband. Which of the two are you most likely to click? The latter I guess. Most people want to be entertained through reading. And ‘How to get blog traffic from Pinterest’ is entertaining but to other bloggers, not to regular onliners.


You will write with user intent in mind, but in my 4 months of blogging, if you share your content on Facebook and it doesn’t get even one share, then nobody really loves your content. Maybe your friends and family will click on it but only to support you. In blogging, you don’t want support, you want REAL numbers. 

Another thing. Writing about ‘How to Make Money Online’ or ‘Make your Blog Posts SEO Friendly’ is not really writing. Writing comes from the soul. From your experiences. Not by reading other people’s online content and rewriting it. 

Don’t even get me started on all the expensive courses one has to take to blog ‘successfully’. I think you shouldn’t pay to learn how to write. If you want to write well, READ A BOOK to learn how to come up with a good sentence structure; how to write conversationally and get vocabulary to use in place of fluff.

Plus, you can’t pay someone to teach you how to write about your own story. Well, unless they are a qualified biographer. To make money with blogging you will have to get organic traffic from, say, Google. Meaning you will need to learn about off-page and on-page SEO. Look for a good course in SEO but not in how to write.

When you follow most bloggers who blog about blogging, their content is usually fluff and vague. Like, most don’t know what they are talking about.

On Pinterest, they will bait you with pins like: ‘Make money instantly with this affiliate program’, only to get frustrated when you realize all they want is to earn a quick affiliate commission from Wealthy Affiliates. Jeez! So so frustrating. If you are going to blog about blogging, make sure you are an expert. Otherwise people will see through your BS.

Also, if you are making money with your blog be very honest with the how. If you worked as a blogging staff in your previous company, tell people you made money as a blogger, but a salary. If you started a business in website hosting and decided to start a blog after gannering offline clients, tell people the web hosting affiliate sale you made was because you sent the link directly to your customer and not as a result of your blog getting organic traffic. If your blog is making you money, tell the organic side of things. Mention the sale you made while you were asleep. Mention the sale you made when you paid for ads. Mention the sale you made when you inboxed your link to your Facebook friend.

Cut the endless vagueness.

That was a rant. And yes. I will do nicheless blogging from now on.

How to Make Nicheless Blogging Work For You

Good thing about nicheless blogging is this: You get to write whatever you feel like. It’s your blog, you paid money for it so why limit yourself? 

When writing, make sure your story is something your readers will learn a thing or two from. Don’t write entirely for your own sake– write with user intent in mind. SEO is still super important if you’re running your blog as a business. SEO! SEO! SEO!

Honestly, if people love your content, they will do the marketing for you. 

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    8 thoughts on “Nicheless Blogging: Go for It”

      1. Thank you for your kind feedback. Niche blogging is exhausting. It can take the fun out of blogging.

    1. There are so many „experts“ pushing niches. It is very refreshing to have someone who is not. My site is multi-niche, vaguely lifestyle, but I did not originally start my blog to may money. That does not mean that I can‘t, but it may be more difficult. Still, niching down would not work for me or my readers or stay true to my reason. Thanks for the honesty. I think if you are ashamed to tell your friends and family, you are in the wrong niche.

      1. I have visited your website and I think you are on to something. There is affiliate marketing, there is mediavine and other ad companies. Plenty of ways to monetize your blog.

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